Safety on the tracks

Improving Health and Safety at Work Through P.E.E.R Recognition.

Workplace Safety using P.E.E.R Recognition.


Our greatest resource is the people who work for us, with us and with whom we have interfaces to. Here at Azora Signalling we recognise that everyone has a right to feel safe and as such should be able to rely on us, our people, to think, act and be safe at all times during the working day.


We audit, analyse and evaluate our work methodologies ruthlessly to ensure all of our works are only undertaken as planned and safely.


Azora Signalling operates on a zero-tolerance policy for any unsafe actions and behaviours. Safety is at the forefront of all works. We’re operators within the Work Safe Procedure to ensure that anyone at any time can question and stop any unsafe works from continuing.


Every member of Azora Signalling is responsible for safety, right from the bottom to the top. It is our accountability that ensures safety is at the core of our business.

P.E.E.R recognition promotes proactive health and safety mindset. The operations of many organisations present significant hazards to employees and customers, communities and the environment. Peer recognition can go a long way to supporting employees in avoiding harm and maintaining brand reputation.

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We use our project management and communication skills to help our customers meet complex and demanding programmes and budgets.

Our services:

  • Signal Works Testing
  • Signal Intermediate/Maintenance Testing
  • Testing Process review and delivery testing audits
  • IRSE Licensing Support – Workplace Assessments

  • Programme Creation
  • Test Specification Creation

  • Test Strategy for overall project or sub packages

  • Signalling Consultancy

  • External Quality assurance testing for manufacturing